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İbrahim Küçük (ed.). Astrophysics. (2012). IntechOpen. DOI: 10.5772/2091


  1. Nuclear Excitation Processes in Astrophysical Plasmas

    By G. Gosselin, P. Mohr, V. Méot and P. Morel

  2. Stellar Nucleosynthesis Nuclear Data Mining

    By Boris Pritychenko

  3. The s-Process Nucleosynthesis in Massive Stars: Current Status and Uncertainties due to Convective Overshooting

    By M. L. Pumo

  4. The r-Process of Nucleosynthesis: The Puzzle Is Still with Us

    By Marcel Arnould and Stephane Goriely

  5. Diffuse Emission of 26Al and 60Fe in the Galaxy

    By Wei Wang

  6. Energy Generation Mechanisms in Stellar Interiors

    By İbrahim Küçük

  7. The Lane-Emden-Fowler Equation and Its Generalizations – Lie Symmetry Analysis

    By Chaudry Masood Khalique

  8. The Missing Matter Problem: From the Dark Matter Search to Alternative Hypotheses

    By S. Capozziello, L. Consiglio, M. De Laurentis, G. De Rosa and C. Di Donato

  9. A Microscopic Equation of State for Neutron-Rich Matter and Its Effect on Neutron Star Properties

    By Francesca Sammarruca

  10. Methods for Image Recognition of Charged Particle Tracks in Track Detector Data Automated Processing

    By A.B. Aleksandrov, N.G. Polukhina and N.I. Starkov

  11. Implementation of Dynamic Logic Algorithm for Detection of EM Fields Scattered by Langmuir Soliton

    By V.I. Sotnikov, R.W. Deming and L. Perlovsky

  12. Visualization Methods for Numerical Astrophysics

    By Werner Benger, Markus Haider, Harald Höller, Dominik Steinhauser, Josef Stöckl, Biagio Cosenza and Marcel Ritter

  13. Asteroseismology of Vibration Powered Neutron Stars

    By Sergey Bastrukov, Renxin Xu, Junwei Yu, Irina Molodtsova and Hsiang-Kuang Chang

  14. Energetic Charged Particles in the Heliosphere from 1-120 AU Measured by the Voyager Spacecraft

    By W.R. Webber

  15. A Comparison of Non Negative Blind Source Separation Methods for Identifying Astrophysical Ice Compounds

    By Jorge Igual and Raul llinares

  16. Graviton Emission in the Bulk and Nucleosynthesis in a Model with Extra Dimension

    By Mikhail Z. Iofa

  17. Putting Einstein to Test – Astrometric Experiments from Space, Fundamental Physics and Local Cosmology

    By Alberto Vecchiato

  18. BBN as Probe of Fundamental Physics

    By L. A. Popa and A. Caramete

Este libro proporciona a los lectores un claro progreso hacia la astrofísica teórica y observacional. No es sorprendente que la astrofísica crezca continuamente porque se están desarrollando telescopios cada vez más sofisticados que acercan el universo y lo hacen accesible.

El libro presenta una oportunidad única para que los lectores demuestren que los procesos ocurren en la Naturaleza. La característica única de este libro es cubrir diferentes aspectos de la astrofísica que cubren los temas: – Astronomía – Astrofísica teórica – Astrofísica observacional – Cosmología – El Sistema Solar – Estrellas – Planetas – Galaxias – Observación – Espectroscopia – Materia oscura – Estrellas de neutrones – Astrofísica de alta energía

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