MatLab 2

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MATLAB: A Fundamental Tool for Scientific Computing and Engineering Applications – Volume 2. Ed. Vasilios Katsikis. IntechOpen (Sept. 26th 2012). DOI: 10.5772/3338


  1. MATLAB COM Integration for Engineering Applications
  2. Mobile Radio Propagation Prediction for Two Different Districts in Mosul-City
  3. Two Novel Implementations of the Remez Multiple Exchange Algorithm for Optimum FIR Filter Design
  4. A Virtual Laboratory: Teaching and Research Tool in Control Engineering Education
  5. On Finite-Dimensional Transformations of Anisochronic Controllers Designed by Algebraic Means: A User Interface
  6. Matlab/SystemC for the New Co-Simulation Environment by JPEG Algorithm
  7. Matlab Simulink as Simulation Tool for Wind Generation Systems Based on Doubly Fed Induction Machines
  8. Matlab-Simulink Coupling to Finite Element Software for Design and Analysis of Electrical Machines
  9. MATLAB as a Design and Verification Tool for the Hardware Prototyping of Wireless Communication Systems
  10. DVB-S2 Model in Matlab: Issues and Impairments
  11. Wireless Channel Model with Markov Chains Using MATLAB
  12. Simulation Framework of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Using MATLAB/SIMULINK Software
  13. Semi-Analytic Techniques for Fast MATLAB Simulations

This excellent book represents the second part of three-volumes regarding MATLAB- based applications in almost every branch of science. The present textbook contains a collection of 13 exceptional articles. In particular, the book consists of three sections, the first one is devoted to electronic engineering and computer science, the second is devoted to MATLAB/SIMULINK as a tool for engineering applications, the third one is about Telecommunication and communication systems and the last one discusses MATLAB toolboxes.



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