Quarks, Núcleos y Estrellas. 

Quarks, Nuclei and Stars

J W Holt, … (eds.) Quarks, Nuclei and Stars. Memorial Volume Dedicated to Gerald E Brown.  (2017) (Descarga por capítulos)


  • The shapes of nuclei. PDF
  • The oxygen isotopes. PDF
  • Lessons on doing science from my father, Gerry Brown. PDF
  • Thermal effects in dense matter beyond mean field theory. PDF
  • Core polarization and modern realistic shell-model Hamiltonians.  PDF
  • Science and status of the Electron Ion Collider PDF
  • Can one measure the Cosmic Neutrino Background? PDF
  • Application of the hidden local symmetry in hadron physics PDF
  • Partial restoration of chiral symmetry in hot and dense neutron matter. PDF
  • Compact star matter: EoS with new scaling law. PDF
  • Spinodal instabilities in baryon-rich quark matter PDF
  • Nucleon–anti-nucleon intruder state of Dirac equation for nucleon in deep scalar potential well. PDF 
  • Neutron stars are gold mines. PDF
  • Gravitational waves from neutron star binaries. PDF 
  • Baryons and chiral symmetry PDF 
  • Heavy exotic molecules. PDF 
  • The nuclear force: Meson theory versus chiral effective field theory. PDF
  • Foundations of strangeness nuclear physics derived from chiral effective field theory. PDF
  • Nuclear matrix elements for neutrinoless double-beta decay in covariant density functional theory. PDF
  • Partial conservation law in a schematic single j shell model. PDF
  • Chiral electroweak currents in nuclei. PDF
  • Confinement, chiral symmetry breaking and the effective quark mass. PDF
  • In search of a pristine signal for (scale-)chiral symmetry in nuclei. PDF
  • Many-body Green functions in nuclear physics. PDF
  • Validity of SU(3) in the 0p1f shell. PDF
  • Multi-regulator functional renormalization group for many-fermion systems. PDF
  • Spectral functions and in-medium properties of hadrons. PDF
  • Skyrmions at high density. PDF 
  • Neutral current coherent cross-sections — Implications on detecting SN and earth neutrinos with gaseous spherical TPC’s. PDF
  • Permanent electric dipole moments of single-, two- and three-nucleon systems. PDF
  • Hidden local symmetry and beyond. PDF

Gerald Edward  Brown (22 de julio de 1926 – 31 de mayo de 2013) ‘Gerry’, fue un físico teórico estadounidense que trabajó en física nuclear y astrofísica. Desde 1968 había sido profesor en la Universidad Stony Brook. Fue profesor emérito del C. N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics de la Universidad Stony Brook.

Gerald Edward  Brown ,‘Gerry’ para los más cercanos, fue una figura inspiradora para varias generaciones de físicos nucleares teóricos. La mayoría de los autores de este libro son antiguos alumnos y colaboradores suyos.


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