Use of Biomass in South Tyrol.

Use of Biomass in South TyrolDario Prando

Book Series: unibz junior researcher
Year: 2016
Pages: 154 Language: English


This volume presents an integrated assessment of the performance of energy conversion systems based on ligno-cellulosic biomass by referring to the nominal efficiency of each element as well as to the global performance of the integrated set. On the one hand, it focuses on the conversion of biomass into energy, on the other hand, on the distribution of heat to the end users. These two aspects are complementary and an integrated analysis is essential to design high-efficiency systems from a global perspective.The first part of the study defines the current energy performance achievable in practical applications on the basis of detailed energy monitoring of both combustion and gasification plants. The second part focuses on the energy and economic assessment of the distribution and use of the heat generated by a plant.


Ligno-cellulosic biomass — biomass efficiency — energy performance — energy conversion — combustion —gasification — energy assessment — heating plant

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